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seen a buffalo just lay down, and the rest standen thar,
not move-en. I shot again, and a buffalo come down, and
the rest a-standen. And agin. I said, 'Lord God,' I said,
'I do believe hit's a standIs

" A stand hit was. I laid thar, looken down the barrl of
my Sharp's and the buffalo standen. I laid thar, counten out
loud betwixt shots not to go too fast and hot the gun. A long
time, and I could see 'em come down, slow, to the knees,
when the ball found. Then keel over and lay. And the rest
standen round, sniflen and bawlen. A man lays thar, the
sun a-bearen down, and keeps on a-pullen on the trigger. He
ain't lak his-self. Naw, he ain't. Lak he wasn't no man, nor
nuthen. Lak hit ain't him has a-holt of the gun, but the gun
had a-holt of him. Lak he mought git up and walk off and
leave them buffalo down the rise, a-standen, and leave the
gun lay, and the gun would be shooten and a-shooten, by
hitself, and ne'er no end. And the buffalo, down the rise,
standen and bawlen. Hit comes to a man that a-way.

" Seventy-two buffalo I shot that afternoon, layen thar, a-fore
they broke and run. Gitten on to sun, they broke. I laid
thar, and seen 'em go, what was left, not nigh a score, and
the dust a-rise-en behind 'em. They run north, I seen 'em past
sight, but I kept on a-layen thar, lak I couldn't uncrook my
handholt off'n my Sharp's, and the barrl hot to a man's flesh.
I laid thar, lak a man past his short rows.

"'Burn/ Mingo said, 'them buffalo down thar, and you
a-layen here lak hit wasn't nuthenI' I ne'er heared him
come-en. 'Boy, go git them Irish/ he said, 'hit's gonna be
night work, a-skinnen/ I didn't say nuthen, I taken out fer
the wagons to git them skinners when they done got done
with the ones they was skinnen. We got back hit was night,
and Mingo down thar, skinnen and cussen, But the moon
come up, red and swole layen thar to the east, bigger'n a barn.
Ain't no moons in this country lak them moons in west
Kansas. We skinned by the moon. Didn't nobody say
nuthen. Nary a sound but a man grunten, or a knife whetten
on a stell, maybe, soft and whickeren lak when hit's a good